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Amorc Monograph 11th And12th Degree hilaneum




 . .  at MESPA. We are lucky to have a teacher who lives in his community and we see that he always finds time to speak to us about meditation, yantra, tahaluf and life. We practice as he taught us. He taught us everything, he was a guide. . . . Download now! To be sure, the kabbalah in its popular context is not the esoteric teachings. This tradition of texts has been codified only in the latter half of the 20th century. This is not to say that it is not true, but this material was not known to the ancients. We have very few of the sources that were available to the early students of the kabbalah. Some refer to this tradition as the "I-Thou" and "Me-Thou" teachings. These teachings were written about in earlier times. Many of these stories are translated from the original Hebrew texts. Although many of the stories are found in the classic sefirot literature, and in works by authors like Abraham Abulafia and the thirteenth-century mystic Isaac Luria (The Zohar) they were not generally referred to as such until later centuries. Abraham Abulafia, a 16th-century Jewish mystic and philosopher, wrote about the Amoraic mysteries, describing how the Holy Kabbalah was first revealed to him. The initiation is called the "Mesod Tiferet" or the "Mesod of the Holy Name", the mystery of the Holy Name. The amoraic teachings were known to the ancient Rabbis. For example, Rabbeinu Nissim is said to have been initiated by Avraham Abulafia in a similar fashion. Etymology The word amoraic is derived from the word amour (meaning in Hebrew). The origin of the amoraic mysteries is unclear. It is commonly believed that the amoraic mysteries, or Tiferet (the nine holy names), is the means through which the mystics received the Torah from their God. According to tradition, the names of God are themselves revealed. Other legends claim that these divine names are derived from the Scripture itself. Tiferet Tiferet is the (collective) sum of the nine sefirot of the kabbalistic system of thought. It is the ninth in the order



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Amorc Monograph 11th And12th Degree hilaneum
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